Names of states listed thus far

First posted 2 November 2002 at 0124 GMT
Last updated 15 March 2003 at 2253 GMT

REDMOND, Washington Every month, beginning in January, 2001, the puzzle creator has added the name of one state -- the next in order -- in the States List Puzzle.  Since then, every month a state's name has been added to the list.  Around the first of each month, the puzzle creator will post the name of the next state on the list.

Names of states

The 27 names of the states, which are listed in the proper order, are as follows:

  1.  Delaware
  2.  Connecticut
  3.  Massachusetts
  4.  Rhode Island
  5.  New Jersey
  6.  Illinois
  7.  Wisconsin
  8.  Texas
  9.  Arkansas
10.  Louisiana
11.  Indiana
12.  Ohio
13.  Iowa
14.  Arizona
15.  Alabama
16.  Mississippi
17.  Florida
18.  Minnesota
19.  West Virginia
20.  Maryland
21.  Pennsylvania
22.  Georgia
23.  Kentucky
24.  North Carolina
25.  Tennessee
26.  Virginia
27.  South Carolina


In addition to the list of state names, there is an animation of the list, which shows the states in the order in which they appear on the list. 

The animation may be useful for researchers, because it shows the geographical distribution of the states listed so far.  In the animation, red means the most recent addition, and green shows the previous additions.  The animated list will repeat three times.

The animation may be opened in a new window by clicking here.

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