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Lex.Net provides media management and consultation services for an international clientele doing business in all 193 nations and 200 other significant jurisdictions in the world.  To provide its media management services, Lex.Net employs a network of leading-edge experts in both old and new media.  Old media includes the traditional press, print and broadcast media.  New media includes the new media distributed via the Internet, including review sites such as Yelp and mini-blog sites such as Twitter,

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This is a secure site for the benefit of its member clients.  If you are a member client and cannot access the site, email the webmaster.  For information on becoming a member client, email member services.

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If you are are a Lex.Net client and your computer does not automatically log onto this lex.net web site, then please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and please send an email webmaster@Lex.Net with a short note describing the problem.  Please include your Lex.Net Client Identification Number but not your password.  Lex.Net will contact you within one hour to resolve the problem.

Lex.net provides media management services to its member clients worldwide.